Receive substantial savings when you buy your demo, closeout, and used gear from Osage Audio Products.

We have an ever-changing selection of discounted items here at Osage Audio Products.  Some of these items are used, but most are store demonstrator items or items or brands that we are closing out.  Occasionally we have a nice used item to offer.

  1. All of the items sold on this page have either the full factory warranty or our store warranty of 30 days.  The warranty offered for a particular item is indicated in that item’s listing.

  2. All of the items, including used items that we sell, come with the original packaging, accessories, and manuals.

  3. All of these items are thoroughly tested before we list them for sale to ensure that they are working properly.

  4. Any cosmetic or physical flaws or signs of wear are explained in the listings.

  5. Most of the items listed have a price if you pay with a credit card or PayPal when you buy it.  If you pay with cash, check, or money order, we don’t have to pay a fee for processing a credit card or PayPal payment.  In those instances we pass that savings on to you.  As a result, listings will normally show a ‘Cash Price’ and a ‘Regular Price’.

  6. Shipping charges are in addition to the prices shown for items that are shipped. Please ask us for a shipping quote to your location.

  7. All other terms of sale can be found on this web page.

  8. Generally speaking, all of our demo, closeout, and used items are available for in-home audition.  Your only obligations if you choose not to buy are to return the item in the same condition that you received it, and to pay all shipping charges.  Contact us for details.

Please call us at 573-696-3551 or email us for assistance and information about items listed for sale on this page or to place an order.  Our demo, closeout, and used items are not available for purchase through our Online Store.

Niangua 5 Foot, 9 Gauge Power Cord With 20 Amp IEC

This is a pre-production Niangua power cord that has been connected to a RGPC power conditioner in one of our demo systems here for the past several years.  It is five feet long and features a Watt Gate 330i plug and 350i HC 20 amp IEC plug. 

This is the same 9 gauge wire, build specifications, and connectors that are used in our premium series power cords.  This pre-production model has all black Techflex and shrink tube.

Niangua power cords are built in the USA using the finest materials and most intelligent and effective design techniques to offer a product that is unparalleled in performance at its asking price. 

This power cord is sold as is in excellent working and cosmetic condition.  The gold plating on the 330i plug is a little weak.

Retail Price:  $530.00

Regular Price:  $265.00 – SAVE 50%

Cash Price:  $210.00 – SAVE 60%


Lieder Cables Maxx Generation 2 RCA Interconnects

Production has ended on the Lieder silver interconnects and loudspeaker cables.  We expect a new series of models to appear sometime in the future, but for now we have seven pairs of Maxx Generation 2 interconnects in the one meter length with RCA terminations for sale. 

Lieder cables are designed and built in the Netherlands.  Their design philosophy can be traced back to the early days of Prima Luna and Siltech.

These interconnects have been used for demonstration purposes and all seven pairs are in excellent condition.

These have the milled locking RCA connectors as are shown in the photo, and have the gray sheath.  These are the best silver cables that we have ever used here, and we hate to see them go.  These interconnects come with our 30 day store warranty, and will likely be the last interconnect cables you ever buy.

In the one meter length, these sold new for $1600.00 per pair.  The price of silver has gone up considerably since these were introduced.  The price would be much higher today if they were still being manufactured.  Prices are below.

Retail Price:  $1600.00

Regular Price:  $800.00

Cash Price:  $750.00

Regular Price – All Seven Pairs:  $4200.00

Cash Price – All Seven Pairs:  $4000.00


Final Clearance On Black Bristle Listener Select Record Cleaning Brushes

We have found a new source for high quality, U.S. made, white nylon bristle to use in our Listener Select record cleaning brushes, so we are closing out the remaining inventory of brushes with the high quality black bristles that we have offered for the past four years.

We have a good supply of brushes for 10 inch records left, and just a few for 7 inch records. The brushes for 10 inch records could be used for 12 inch records as well, but they are not quite as wide as the brushes for 12 inch records.

You can buy these brushes at a substantial discount while supplies last.  Call or email us to place your order or for more information.

Retail Price:  $35.00 Each

Closeout Price:  $12.00 Each or Get 6 Brushes In Any Combination of Sizes For $50.00


Please call us at 573-696-3551 or email us for assistance and information about items listed for sale on this page or to place an order.  Our demo, closeout, and used items are not available for purchase through our Online Store.

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