We sell the Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solutions and Listener Select product lines directly to consumers and through fine retailers throughout the USA and through distributors in other parts of the world. The following companies sell our products. The lines that they carry are indicated by the logo for that particular product. If you need assistance in finding a retailer or distributor for any of these products, please email us at or call us at 573-696-3551.      

Audio Alternative          

Located at 895 Indian Trail Road in Lilburn, Georgia, Audio Alternative takes a real hands-on and thorough approach to customer service. If you are looking for audio or video gear in the Atlanta metro area, be sure to contact owner Alan Jones or any of his staff first. They handle such brands as McIntosh, Totem, NAD, PSB, Marantz, Ayre, Audio Research, Yamaha, Rega, and VPI. You can reach Alan by calling 770-931-0606 or by emailing him at Be sure to visit them on the worldwide web to keep up with their new items, events, and specials.


Since 1981 AudioAdvisor has been building a worldwide reputation of quality products and services for the music enthusiast.  Their expertise covers everything from audiophile gear and accessories to home theater products.  Call toll free at 800-942-0200 or visit them online.

The Audio Shoppe     

Serving the Boston and Greater New England areas, The Audio Shoppe (TAS), located in Hingham, MA, specializes in premium two channel music systems for the home or office. Thirty-eight (38) years of high performance audio experience combined with a passion for music and assisting consumers ensure that you will enjoy the best of analog or cutting edge digital music systems. TAS brands range from the simplest of product lines to the world’s finest, always with an eye toward value. Give them a call at (781) 749-2999.

A/V Solutions                    

A/V Solutions offers an extensive line up of high end audio and accessories for the audio/video enthusiast and do-it-yourselfer. A/V Solutions is based in the San Francisco bay area and they ship throughout the U.S. Owner Jeff Whitlock handles such brands as Clearaudio, Oyaide, WBT, Furutech, Boston Audio Designs, Wattgate and more. Jeff also offers free shipping on many orders. Call A/V Solutions at (925) 425-0450, email them at Be sure to visit their web site as well.

deciBel Audio               

Chicagoland’s leader in high value, high performance audio gear is located at 1429 N. Milwaukee Avenue in Wicker Park. The friendly staff at deciBel Audio handles such lines as Audio Physic, Blueroom Minipods, Cambridge Audio, Cary Audio Design, Clearaudio, Creek, Dali Loudspeakers, Denon, Draper Screens, Enigma Loudspeakers, Grado, Music Hall, Infocus, James Loudspeaker, KEF, LSA Design Group, Mirage, Monster Cable, Parasound, Richard Gray's Power Company, Rogue Audio, Roksan, Sennheiser, SME, Stewart Filmscreen, Samsung, Snell, Von Schweikert Audio, and many more. Drop by and see them or visit their website. They can be reached by telephone at 773-862-6700 or by email at

Elusive Disc                

Founded in 1989 with the mission of sourcing and selling hard to find and “elusive” records, the Anderson, Indiana based company has expanded over the years to carry just about anything you can imagine in records and other recorded media.  Elusive Disc also carries a wide range of stereo gear and accessories.  You can call them at 800-782-3472.

Euclid Records     

The Midwest’s premier dealer of new and used records and CD’s.  Their inventory is huge and includes many hard to find titles.  You can find them at 601 East Lockwood Street in historic Webster Groves, Missouri, call them toll free at 877-9EUCLID, or browse their online store.

Galen Carol Audio                 

Located “Deep In the Heart of Texas” since 1975 and carrying such brands as Esoteric, Shunyata, Jeff Rowland, Musical Fidelity, Quad, Audio Physic, ModWright, Basis, VPI and Spendor, Galen Carol is one of America’s premier audio dealers.  Visit them online or call 210-805-9927 to speak to Galen.  You can also email him

Goodwin’s High End     

New England’s premier audiophile dealer.  In business since 1977, Alan Goodwin and his team offer such product lines as VPI, Graham, Magico, Clearaudio, Benz-Micro, Rockport, and a lot more.

Jerry Raskin’s Needle Doctor          

Carrying such audiophile brands as Clearaudio, Grado, Lyra, Music Hall, Kimber Kable, and Creek, Needle Doctor has become one of the mainstays in equipment and supplies for analog reproduction of music.  Their knowledgeable staff is well versed in all things analog and can help with everything from selecting the right analog rig for you to helping in properly setting up and aligning your cartridge.  They offer prompt attention to your order and quick shipping just about anywhere.  Give them a call at 800-229-0644 or visit their website.

KAB Electro-Acoustics     

Everything you need to enjoy playing any records that you may have from 78’s to today’s modern pressings.  Kevin’s modified turntables and RIAA equalization equipment are truly world class.  This is a required stop for every record collector and sound enthusiast.


The industry’s leading mail order and internet order source for high quality audio equipment, accessories, and recordings. Featuring top name brands, fast shipping, and unparalleled customer service, MusicDirect is as close as you can get to a one-stop shopping experience. Give them a call today at 800-449-8333.

Overture Audio              

Overture Audio, at 618 South Main Street in Ann Arbor, MI, is the shop to visit for your audio and home theater needs. With over 30 years in the sales, support and service of Linn Products, Rega Research and other turntable brands they are the turntable specialists in Southeastern Michigan and the surrounding areas. They can handle your music reproduction needs whether you are looking for a modest system or a state of the art rig with brands ranging from great value for money products from NAD, Paradigm and Pro-Ject through Arcam, AVI, Grado, Rega and Vienna Acoustics to the best musical reproducers available from Burmester, Linn Products, REL and Sonus Faber. You can reach them by telephone at 734-662-1812 or by email at Please be sure to visit their website.

Performance Sound          

Located in Boise, Idaho, this company specializes in building high quality, high performance plinths for direct drive turntables such as Garrard, EMT, Technics, and Lenco.  They also handle cryogenically treated Oyaide outlets, Tri-Planar tonearms and Stillpoints isolation feet.  Owner Steve Dobbins is one of the audio industry’s most knowledgeable.  Contact him by email at or by telephone at 208-860-9559.

Pure Audio          

Located at 2200 Forum Boulevard, Suite 106 in Columbia, Missouri, Pure Audio is a dealer for Tannoy, ATC, Creek, J.A. Michell, and many others.  They specialize in true custom audio and video installation.

Sound Science     

Located at 1767 Rose Petal Lane in Castle Rock, Colorado, Sound Science represents such brands as Denon, Usher, Rega, Wilson Benesch, NuForce, Oracle and many more.  Owner Neal Van Berg has nearly 40 years of experience in high end audio and can be reached by calling 720-308-4000, or by email at

SoundStage Direct               

Your independent online source for records, SoundStage Direct features the largest selection new and reissue vinyl on the internet. For more information or to place an order, call 877- WAX-TRAX (877-929-8729) toll free, or call 267-247-5051 locally or outside the USA. You can email them at

Street Corner Music     

The Detroit area’s best stop for everything in vinyl and CD, and in all genres.  Stop by and see Chris and the gang at 17620 West 13 Mile Road, Beverly Hills, MI  48025 (the corner of 13 Mile and Southfield Roads), or call them at 248-644-4777.  For you out-of-towners or those who like to shop at home, please visit their website.

TR Audio          

Carrying such brands as deHavilland, Merlin, and Cardas, TR Audio is a recommended destination. You can email them at

Weinhart Design     

David Weinhart has three decades of experience in the development, manufacture, and sale of high performance audio gear. As a dealer for reference-level electronics and loudspeakers including MBL, Aesthetix, Tara Labs, Dali, and Cary Audio, Weinhart design is truly a one-stop shopping experience. Call David at 310-572-8880 or drop by his showrooms at 2337 Roscomare Road in sunny Los Angeles. You can also email David at, and don’t forget to visit their website.

Whetstone Audio          

In Austin, Texas, the place to shop for audio gear is Whetstone Audio. Brian DiFrank has been in business since 1995 and Whetstone specializes in two channel audio and analog. They are located at 2401 East Sixth Street in Suite 1001. They can be reached by telephone at 512-477-8503.


AudioArchitect S.R.O.           

Our representative in the Czech Republic is AudioArchitect. Located in Prague at Delnická 5, AudioArchitect is very unique in the way that they do business. They have access to wide range of brands, including Martin Logan, Ayre, Naim, Clearaudio, and many others, but they use an individualized and holistic approach to finding the perfect total system solution for each individual client. The draw from many brands and from a wealth of experience and knowledge to build the perfect system for each individual and each listening room, including furniture and lighting design. You can find them on the world wide web at Contact them by email at or by telephone at +420 266 710 404.

Columbus Radio, Ltd.          

The Canadian distributor/dealer for Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solutions products. Located at 1151 Sanford Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3E 3A1, they are authorized to sell both to end users and to retail dealers in Canada. Please contact Bill Yaworski at 204-775-0435 to inquire about becoming a dealer or to purchase products. Bill’s email address is: In addition to carrying the AIVS product line, Bill offers expert turntable and loudspeaker repair and also carries such brands as Grado, Pickering, Shure and Sony.

German Carujo          

This long time audio industry member is the Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solutions distributor in Puerto Rico.  German also handles such brands as Quad, Spendor, ASR-Sonum, Merlin, Basis, Rogue Audio, and Rega, just to name a few.  He can be reached by email at or by calling the West Coast Audio Club at 787-473-9080.

GrooveWorks Australia Pty., Ltd.          

Handling such brands as Knosti, SRM/Tech, Archifix, and a wide range of analog accessories, Peter Griffin is our representative on the other side of  the globe.  Located in Neerim South, Victoria, Australia, GrooveWorks serves customers in Australia and New Zealand.  They can be reached by calling (03) 5628 4428 or by emailing  Please take some time to check out their website.

Sounds N Images          

Audio industry veteran Ferdinand LuDo handles our products in the Philippines. He also handles such audiophile brands as Accuphase, Analysis Plus, Purist Audio Design, Harbeth, REL, Artemis Labs, Shelter, and Symposium. The Sounds N Images showrooms are located in Cebu City. Call Ferdinand at 0918-937-6470 or email him at to make an appointment for your private audition.


Acoustic Sounds-  A great selection of records and CD’s along with some very nice gear and accessories.

Flip’s Audio and Video-  Located in the heart of Daniel Boone country just west of St. Louis, Flip’s has a long-standing tradition of excellence dating back to the 1940’s.  Thom’s custom built amps and preamps are killer.

Grado Labs-  John Grado carries on the family tradition of high quality cartridges, headphones, and headphone amps.

Lieder Cables-  Jacob’s silver cables are among the best anywhere.  Designed and executed in the finest Dutch engineering tradition. Osage Audio Products is the U.S. distributor of all Lieder Cables products.

Luminous Audio Technology-  Another manufacturer of silver cables.  These cables are affordable and made in the USA.

Musical Surroundings-  The U.S. distributor for Aesthetix, Benz Micro, Clearaudio, Fosgate Signature, Helius Designs, Graham Engineering,
Phonomena, and Record Time, and their own house brands including Record Time. Garth Leerer and his staff deliver the best in products and services. Check out their lines and find a dealer near you by visiting their website.

ModWright Instruments-  Dan Wright has become well known for his world-class vacuum tube modification.  Not stopping there, he has now become well known for his own world class preamplifiers and phono stages.  You owe it to yourself to listen to these products before you buy.  Contact Dan directly or visit his website to find a retailer near you.

Randy Young-  Located in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, Randy Young is one of our hobby’s premier members when it comes to high-quality modifications and upgrades of stereo equipment at reasonable prices.  Specializing in everything from vintage electronics to modern equipment, Randy can get quality sound from your gear that you never dreamed possible.  Randy also offers modified and upgraded vintage pieces for sale.  You owe it to yourself to contact him and just chat for awhile.  Randy Young can be reached at 865-463-0743 or by email at

Van den Hul-  Manufacturer of excellent quality cartridges, cables, loudspeakers, and their amazing CD’s.



Bluestorm Music-  Arnie Goodman knows records, and you should know Arnie.  Don’t miss out on this website.

CD Universe-  Lots and lots of CD’s and records, as well as DVD’s and books.  There may be more to choose from here than on any other store on the web.

Downsize Solutions- Ever want high-quality CD copies of your LP’s? Doug Small has the equipment and know-how to do just that, and at reasonable prices. He will even thoroughly clean your records before making CD copies. His services include editing, cleaning up the sound, and even providing a scaled-down version of the cover art for the CD case insert. If you are looking for high-quality CD copies of your LP’s, look no further than Downsize Solutions. You can reach Doug by calling 804-436-3231, or you can email him at

Global Electronic Music Marketplace-  Over 26 Million records and CD’s listed by sellers all over the world.

LP Now-  If it’s out of print and hard to find, it’s likely available here.  A large online marketplace for LP’s.

John Himes’ Maynard Ferguson Album Emporium-  Just about any record ever recorded by the late trumpet master and clinician.  Lots of great big band and bebop here.  One of my favorites.

Oldies.Com-  A unique collection of re-release stuff here.  Good prices as well.  The have CD’s and DVD’s, as well as 7 inch 45’s and video collections of old TV shows.  Quite a mix of hard-to-find and esoteric stuff to say the least.

Vinyl Rehab-  Larry Woodlee has just about anything you can think of.  All of the records are accurately graded, and the customer service is unparalleled in the used record business.  Well worth the time to check it out.



Bags Unlimited-  Record sleeves, covers, and mailing accessories.  They have it all right here, and at reasonable prices.

Sleeve City-  Another supplier of record sleeves, CD jewel cases, and all kinds of other goodies for audiophiles and record collectors.



6 Moons- One of the best internet destinations for information and opinion about a wide range of audio gear and accessories.  Editor Srajan Ebaen does a better job than anyone of posting industry and hobbyist news.  A highly recommended place to spend some time.

The Audio Analyst-  Greg Weaver’s own website.  Lots of reviews and seriously useful information here.  Recommended reading.

The Audio Beat- Featuring reviews and commentary by publisher Marc Mickelson as well as veteran writers like Paul Bolin, The Audio Beat provides wide-ranging coverage of audio industry shows, new equipment, music, and industry news. This is one well done web magazine.

Dagogo- Lots of in-depth analysis by some of the best reviewers in the business. Constantine Soo runs a real first class operation.

The Hi-Fi Reader- Thad Aerts is leading the youth movement in high-performance audio with his fledgling new magazine.  He and his writers have a view of things that you may find interesting.  The magazine is well done and can be had for a song.  Get your subscription today.

Music Angle-  Could there be a better advocate for analog music reproduction than Michael Fremer?  Probably not.  Lots of music review as well as more helpful information than you could ever need.  Highly recommended.

Positive Feedback Online-  The authority of online equipment reviews, Positive Feedback Online is required reading for serious audiophiles.

SoundStage!- One of the Worldwide Web's best resources for audio equipment reviews. A must read.

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