Merrill-Williams turntables and accessories are manufactured in Memphis, Tennessee. 

The R.E.A.L Turntable:  A new approach…a new standard.

George Merrill is a living legend in the field of turntable design and modification.  First notable for the development of modifications for Acoustic Research turntables many years ago, Mr. Merrill went on to design and produce the Merrill Heirloom Transcription Turntable.  All along the way, people in the high performance audio business have stopped and paid close attention to what he was doing.

In recent years, Mr. Merrill has designed and offered several new turntable models, each with design improvements over what has come before, and each based on what he has learned along the way.  Those turntables include to budget-priced GEM Dandy PolyTable and GEM Dandy Heirloom Replica, and the reference-level Merrill Williams R.E.A.L.® 101. 

Now from the minds of George Merrill, and his design partner, Robert Williams, comes the R.E.A.L. ® 101.3.  This new model builds on the design and execution excellence of its predecessor by offering even greater vibration control and energy management, better motor isolation, better speed stability, a better tonearm mounting system, a better motor controller, a better speed strobe system.

The list of improvements goes on and on.

Around here we use a lot of different turntables.  All of them have their particular strengths and also their trade-offs.  Based on our experience, the Merrill-Williams R.E.A.L. ® 101.3 has more strengths and fewer trade-offs than anything we know of at even three times the price.  The R.E.A.L. ® 101.3 presents a truly revolutionary challenge to state-of-the-art performance, and does so at a price that is more affordable than any other reference-level turntable on the market today.

We at Osage Audio Products are happy to have been chosen to represent this very fine product.  For more information or to purchase this product, please call us at 573-696-3551, email us, or visit our Online Store.

The R.E.A.L.® Turntable – Patent #8,406,112 B2.

When George Merrill and Robert Williams started design work on the R.E.A.L.® Turntable with a clean sheet of paper and discipline of energy management in mind, a new approach to non-suspended turntable design emerged from their thoughts.

All of the active parts of the R.E.A.L.® Turntable:  the motor, the tonearm, and spindle and bearing assembly, are positioned on an acoustically neutral, isolation damping elastomeric plinth core. The feet that were chosen act as a damping suspension (hence suspended plinth) and a second layer of isolation is provided by the elastomeric material in the plinth.

The result of their revolutionary new design is a dramatic elevation in resolution and musical realism when compared with past turntable system designs of any type.

Features of the R.ubber E.lastomer A.coustic L.aminate Energy Management Design

  1. Rubber cork compound mat.
2. Optional damped center weight.
3. 3/4” high stability polished stainless steel spindle.
4. Quick change tone arm mounting platform.
5. Optional damped forged bronze periphery clamping ring.
6. Precision machined Polyoxymethylene platter.
7. Adjustable inverted hemispheric feet.
8. Elastomer-suspended, MDS-impregnated high viscosity oil well bearing.
9. R.ubber E.lastomer A.coustic L.aminate plinth design.
10. Adjustable dual oscillator (sign/cosign) crystal time-based motor drive system. Accurate to within 2 parts per million.
11. Elastomer-suspended, fluid-damped, custom-manufactured synchronous drive motor.
12. Acoustic Isolation Valleys.
13. Built-in bubble level in plinth.
14. Built-in speed strobe utilizing a short pulse, crystal-controlled square wave generator.

Included with the R.E.A.L. ® 101.3 is the Merrill-Williams variable crystal-controlled, dual oscillator 33/45 RPM motor controller and power supply with built-in speed strobe function for fine tuning platter speed.

Also available are a specially designed outer record clamping ring and center record weight.  These are available separately or as a combination kit.

The Merrill-Williams R.E.A.L. ® 101.3 turntable will accommodate nearly any pivoted tonearm from 9 inches to 12 inches in length. 

One tonearm mounting platform is included with the Merrill Williams R.E.A.L.® 101.3.  This included tonearm mounting platform can be provide drilled to your specifications or blank.  Additional tonearm mounting platform sets are available separately.  These can be provided blank or pre-drilled to fit the tonearm of your choice. 

Note – Tonearm mounting platforms cannot be ordered through our Online Store since they are custom drilled for the tonearm model that will be mounted on them.  For some tonearm brands and models, it will be necessary to send your mounting template or tonearm to Merrill-Williams Audio in order to manufacture an accurate tonearm mounting platform.  Please call or email us to discuss your particular application.

Retail Prices
  Merrill-Williams R.E.A.L. Model 101.3 Turntable
  with Motor Controller Unit, Center Weight, Periphery
  Ring  and One Arm Mounting Platform Set Drilled
  For Tonearm: 
  Periphery Ring Clamp Purchased Separately: 
  Record Weight Purchased Separately:    
  Tonearm Mounting Platform Set 
9 Inch and 10 Inch: 
12 Inch: 
Drilling For Additional Tonearm Mounting Platforms is extra and
normally costs from $100.00 to $250.00.  Contact us for details.

For information on the other Merrill products that are offered by Osage Audio Products, please visit our GEM Dandy web page.  There you will find the GEM Dandy PolyTable and the famous GEM Dandy R.C.C. record mat.

We at Osage Audio Products are happy to have been chosen to represent this very fine product.  For more information or to purchase this product, please call us at 573-696-3551, email us, or visit our Online Store.

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