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Vienna Acoustics sets the standards for intelligent design,
exquisite construction, value for your money, and the art of
natural sound in high performance loudspeakers.

Team spirit underlies all of the work that is carried out at Vienna Acoustics, but when it comes right down to it, designer Peter Gansterer and his team continually achieve outstanding results because they are passionate about music above all else.

Perhaps the ambience and rich musical history of the hometown of Vienna Acoustics, Vienna, Austria, contribute to the creative energies as well.  In Vienna, music is always in the air – the concerts, the marvelous sound of the Goldener Musikvereinssaal, the jazz clubs, the dance clubs. Certainly Vienna is and has been an inspiration for artists.  Vienna’s musical heritage is the right to claim being the birthplace of western classical music.  Mozart, Beethoven, Strauss, Schoenberg . . .  the list goes on and on.  Virtually every composer of significance has been drawn to Vienna, for its richly musical backdrop. Today, Vienna remains the "City of Music," as the finest orchestras in the world bring their sonic delights to a populace at once critical and enthusiastic.

Loudspeakers are generally considered the most crucial link in any music reproduction system, having the greatest impact on sound quality.  The reason for this is simple: of all system components, the speaker has the most difficult job, namely to transform electrical energy into acoustical energy.  The importance of speaker selection is compounded by the fact that speakers also exhibit the largest difference in sound performance among brands and designs.

The people of Vienna Acoustics are committed to creating speakers that bring you nearer to the music, and their goal is to achieve that in every step of the speaker production process.  While music is the object that inspires us, attaining the sonic results present in all Vienna Acoustics loudspeakers is the result of painstaking technical research.

A loudspeaker consists of seemingly countless parts.  Because every part in the loudspeaker must perform an important acoustical task, each of these parts has a much bigger sound impact than those of an electronic component,  such as an amplifier or CD player.  The quest for true fidelity requires innovative parts crafted through exacting precision mechanics, and furthermore demands precise control of each unit produced.

The loudspeaker cabinet's contribution to natural sound is of major importance.  Because of that, Vienna Acoustics devotes much care and extensive development resources to its construction.

The cabinets of Vienna Acoustics loudspeakers are also designed to be uniquely attractive, not only because such technological effort and quality deserve to be accompanied by equally exceptional appearance, but also because, more than any other element in a music or film reproduction system, loudspeakers become a part of your lifestyle.   All Vienna Acoustics designs feature carefully curved, narrow baffles, which are intended to minimize early reflections and edge diffraction.  Vienna Acoustics speakers are in reality pieces of fine furniture of which you can be proud.

Despite all of the effort that goes into the development of a perfect prototype speaker, there remains a potential barrier to achieving great sound in the customer's living room: the way in which the individual loudspeaker is manufactured.   Peter Gansterer works with the various speaker components during the design and manufacturing process to select individual parts of the highest quality for all Vienna Acoustics loudspeakers.  Drivers, for example, are tested and culled based on deviations in standard performance amounting to just a few tenths of a decibel. 

Through years of research and practical experience, the people at Vienna Acoustics have learned to manufacture high-end loudspeakers in such an efficient way that no compromise needs to be made with respect to any step in the process. This extends from the exquisite furniture-grade cabinets, to the carefully select crossover components, to the carefully designed proprietary Vienna Acoustics drivers.  

At Vienna Acoustics, Peter Gansterer and his people have a passion for music and a drive for perfection. These qualities and their unparalleled efforts to refine the manufacturing and quality assurance process are your guarantee that every Vienna Acoustics customer receives a speaker of unrivaled quality.


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You can find more information about Vienna Acoustics, their historic hometown, and their fine products by visiting their website.

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