The NOKTable turntable stand is designed to drain resonant energy away from your turntable system.

Back in the 1980s, the Archidee turntable stand was a popular choice for owners of both Linn and Rega turntables around the world because of its ability to drain off vibrations and resonances by offering high rigidity, but also ultra-low mass.  The simple and elegant design also was a system upgrade that was affordable to own.

Thomas O’Keefe of Nokturne Audio, a long-time specialist with Linn and Rega turntables, has brought back the design of that stand with a few improvements as well.  Those improvements include an even more rigid framework and finishes on both the stand frame and the top that are nice enough to belong in any home.

The NOKTable is a low 18 inches in height, which allows for positioning between speakers without disrupting the soundstage, if such positioning is necessary.  The low height is also critical in keeping with the idea of low mass and high rigidity.

The half-inch thick MDF shelf with a laminated finish is 17.5 inches wide by 13.75 inches deep.  This size will accommodate nearly all models from Linn, Rega, Music Hall, Pro-Ject, MoFi Electronics, U-Turn Audio, Denon, SOTA, Audio-Technica, Technics, and many other brands. 

All of the Clearaudio models with rectangular plinths will also fit, but only without the dust cover.  It is also possible to get a shelf with slightly larger dimension as a special order item.  Call us to see what we can do for your turntable if the standard shelf size is too small.

The NOKTable is provided with adjustable floor spikes and upper spikes for the shelf to rest on.  For hard surface floors we recommend the Sound Anchors Conecoasters to be placed between the spikes and the floor.  See our Sound Anchors web page for more information on the Conecoasters.

The standard NOKTable model is available for purchase through our Online Store or by telephone.  If you have questions about the NOKTable, please call us at 573-696-3551 or email us at your convenience.  We are open late and weekends.

Retail Price:  $599.00

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