Lieder Audio Cables- Unique By Design

We at Osage Audio Products are pleased to have been selected as the U.S. distributor for the amazing Lieder Audio Cables product line. 

The people at Lieder Cables have decades of development and production experience in the design and construction of high-performance audio cables.  All Lieder cable products feature their Fractal Geometry of Cross Rotation Technology, which means you can enjoy the most truthful and transparent to the source sound possible.

An Idea Becomes Reality After Two Decades

Today’s electronics are capable of rendering the finest musical reproduction; however, without the proper interconnects and speaker cables one cannot enjoy this level of unsurpassed quality. Audio equipment can only present undiminished musical delight to the ear if the choice of audio cables is of an equally unsurpassed quality. Thus precise signal transmission has become mandatory.

By systematically analyzing all the parameters involved, Lieder Cables has put forward a completely new concept for audio cables. Versatility and attention to detail, combined with their proprietary technical know-how, has resulted in a line of products whose quality level is beyond question.  After a scientifically-based and careful selection of the materials that could be used for audio cables, they came to the conclusion that only the highest conductivity material known to man could suffice:  pure silver that is manufactured according to Lieder Cables’  exacting standards.

Lieder Cables were developed based on empirical design, electrical measurements, and listening tests carried out over an extended period of time, using a wide range of audio equipment in various configurations.  Their goal was to achieve the best cable properties from an absolute point of view. The result is an excellent sound as well as a mechanical construction without equal.

The Lieder Cables philosophy is to achieve reality - the ultimate cable being no cable!  They reject the “tuned cable” concept, which is based on fine-tuning for a given component setup. Cables should not patch up or adjust the weaknesses or incompatibility of various audio components, but should transfer unchanged information. The materials and construction techniques used in Lieder Cables are chosen to achieve this goal. The result is a product that is musically accurate.

The Lieder Cable Design and Selection of Materials Make the Difference

The design of all Lieder Cable models is based on the Fractal Geometry of Cross Rotation (FGCR or repetition of the same motive in one element). This ensures an unconditional homogenous field of signal transmission and outstanding resistance to interference. One benefit of the FGCR geometry is the ability to achieve extremely low values of inductance together with low resistance, both important loudspeaker cable parameters. The capacitance of all Lieder Cables is negligible.  Lieder Cables are designed for worst-case loadings with correspondingly low resistance values (by nature silver also has a lower resistance than copper).

The key element of Lieder Cables is the use of a pure oxygen-free silver conductor, which is produced according to

Lieder’s exacting specifications to encourage the growth of a homogeneous, virtually void-free, crystal structure with a natural predominance of large crystals.  Designing an approximation of the ideal cable (the ideal cable being no cable) requires knowledge, hard work and patience.  Lieder Cables has put their decades of knowledge, along with their hard work, into the selection of the proper geometry of the cable, size and number of wire strands, wire configuration, and optimum silver utilization, as well as mechanical characteristics and damping requirements.  And let us not forget extra scientific processes to enhance the quality even further, such as Deep Cryogenic Treatment to name just one.

The audio signal is different from any other kind of signal with one of the many parameters being the range and the level of frequencies which have to be transmitted simultaneously are both extremely broad. In this regard it can easily be proved that silver is a superior conductor to any commonly used conductor, not only for DC currents, but more importantly for AC currents that may occur in any of the audio frequency ranges.

Lieder Cables models cover a broad range of system needs.  More models are on the way.  Please email us at  or call 573-696-3551 to learn more about some of the finest audio cables available at any price, and to find out how they can improve the sound of your audio system.

Be sure to visit the Lieder Cables website at for more information on these superior cable designs.

The Marcel Croese Signature (MCS) Series of Lieder Cables.

This new premium series of the Lieder interconnect and loudspeaker cable range offers even greater resolution, balance, and palpability of sound. This advancement is the result of the Lieder design team working in cooperation with legendary audio designer Marcel Croese.

Designer Marcel Croese.

Mr. Croese has been involved with the creation of high performance audio equipment for many years, and is best known for his design work with Goldmund and PrimaLuna. He designed the award-winning Ah Tjoeb upsampler and is a noted recording engineer and member of the Audio Engineering Society and The Mastering Collective. His work has received many awards and accolades throughout the years.

The MCS Series retains all of the high quality materials and workmanship of the standard Lieder Cables line, but employs a number of design enhancements, including internal network design, over the standard Lieder Cables designs. Among the improvements in performance are the following:

  • Far less masking or clouding of musical information due to capacitive, inductive, and/or dielectric losses to the signal as it passes through the cable. A tremendous reduction in signal reflections within the cable, to a level unheard of before.
  • Significant increases in the propagation speed within the cable. This means that the complete musical signal travels faster from one end of the cable to the other, thus delivering a signal that is more coherent.

The outward appearance of the Marcel Croese Series retains the clean, functional lines of the standard Lieder models except for the labeling. The improvements are on the inside and are meant to improve the performance, not the looks, of the cables.

For those who want top tier performance without paying top tier prices, the Lieder MCS Series is the choice for you.

Lieder Cable Retail Pricing

Lieder Stereo Interconnects

We use Lieder Maxx series interconnect cables exclusively for our demo equipment here at Osage Audio Products.  We have found these to be the most true to the source of any interconnects that we have used.  Available standard with either RCA or XLR terminations standard.  Please specify when ordering.  Other terminations are available.  Please call 573-696-3551 or email to discuss your specific needs.  Specific lengths other than the standard lengths listed are also available.  Let us know what you need to fit your system.

Model Length In Meters Retail Price
Maxx (4x Solid Core) RCA Only    
  0.5 $900.00
  1.0 $1200.00
  1.5 $1500.00
  2.0 $1800.00
Maxx MCS Series RCA Only    
  0.5 $1100.00
  1.0 $1500.00
  1.5 $1900.00
  2.0 $2300.00
Maxximum (2x4 Solid Core)
  0.5 $1200.00
  1.0 $1700.00
  1.5 $2200.00
  2.0 $2700.00
Maxximum MCS Series XLR Only 0.5 $1500.00
  1.0 $2100.00
  1.5 $2700.00
  2.0 $3300.00

Lieder Loudspeaker Cables

We’ve never found better, more truthful sounding speaker cables.  These get our highest recommendation.  Lieder loudspeaker cables are available with their gold-plated, carbon fiber- bodied banana plug or gold-plated spades as standard.  Please specify when ordering.  If you need an out of the ordinary termination, or bi-wire cables, or a special non-standard length, please call us at 573-696-3551 or email us at to discuss your needs. 

Model Retail Price
  Standard/ MCS Series
Excelsior (2 x 4 Solid Core) Banana or Spade  
       3.0 Meter Pair $3200.00/ $3900.00
       Each Additional Meter - Add Per Pair $1000.00/ $1200.00

Lieder Cables are available exclusively in North America from Osage Audio Products, LLC. To purchase, please visit our Online Store or contact us by calling 573-696- 3551 or by email. Custom lengths and terminations are available.

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